bosch mixer vs kitchenaid

All in all, I feel like to have both mixers so I can use whatever is optimal for what I happen to be making. Am I doing something wrong, or is it just a matter of getting used to it? The 6 quart and larger sizes just won’t mix up regular sized recipes very well cause they just don’t fill the bowl well enough. I love my Bosch too… if only everyone could have both. Until reading your post I had never even seen a Bosch mixer! It’s a gorgeous mixer, yes, and seems like it quickly “became an American status symbol” very quickly. As you said, they both have their strong (and weak) points. Interesting comments, I’ve learned a lot. I am kind of wondering if it is the best of both worlds. Bosch uses the heat that accumulates inside the dishwasher during the wash cycle to dry the dishes. I can’t rave about the color bringing joy to my heart. I see that yours is Cuisinart. Use it a lot. I have a Kitchenaide I bought at Target with gift cards from my wedding 18 years ago. Loved its auto stop kneading feature, but I had a hard time with the middle staff. So I’ve ordered them from Amazon. It lasted me a good 3 years or so, but then it smoked and died. I live in Hawaii and wasn’t sure if the warmer climate means I NEED the heat dispelling properties of stainless steel bowl. The KitchenAid may be prettier, but it took up a lot of counter space and was too tall to store in a cupboard and very heavy to lug from my pantry everytime I needed it. Oh and don’t forget the attachments for the Kitchenaid. I used a hand mixer or made things by hand for several years. Also, it never seems to be free of oil, no matter how much I soap it or wipe with vinegar or lemon juice. Luckily my birthday happened to be right when I was reading this. I also have a KitchenAid which I got after my Bosch bowl got a crack. . Final konnte sich im Bosch stand mixer vs kitchenaid Vergleich der Vergleichssieger auf den ersten Platz hiefen. Oops. But for the most part it will be smaller everyday things. Love your blog! Thanks so much for your comments, Melissa! However, with the KitchenAid stainless steel bowl, it was definitely more stuck on, and it was harder to remove with just a damp cloth. I’ve been using Bosch for 40 (!) I want to make bread more and my lovely dependable KA just freaks out with all but the softest of bread doughs. I don’t ever worry about it falling off. I think I’m on my 4th set of cookie paddles and they are already broken, I’m just still using them because they will stay on once everything is in place and I don’t want to buy another set! I think once I can figure that out, I will like using it more for cookies because I really don’t love having to use a plastic scraper to get the dough off the side. Thanks for doing this post! I mix everything with it! It is lift head rather than There is also a scraper attachment for KitchenAid mixers. Mom had a Bosch that was heavily used for years and it was wonderful. I’ve tried to hash out the pros and cons of both mixers. You can definitely guess where we stand on this argument. However, no one else I’ve talked to have had the issues I have . I make all sorts of stuff in it including kneading bread.” Annette (MODEL KSM5), “Had a Bosch for 15 years. And the lack of a handle. Even the lowest setting feels really powerful! Thanks for the great review and helpful charts! I’m sad the motor is going out! I had been quite happy with it until that time. There are only 3 in my family. It has been running strong for over 5 more years. I also make cookies or small cakes at least weekly. All it takes is a brown sugar lump!!! And I must be a wierdo, but I hate making bread in a mixer to begin with. I do think that KitchenAid is a tad more user-friendly, but that may also be because I grew up using one, and it’s what I used to. That’s awesome. I think from too many double batches of chocolate chip cookies lol!”- Brittany, “I have decided that the perfect combination is the smaller (5qt) kitchen aid (it does a better job of incorporating ingredients than the professional model) and a Bosch. I never thought I would be a KitchenAid owner (or fan), but after hearing several friends rave about their KitchenAid’s strengths, I decided I wanted to try one out for myself. I unfortunately gave away my original KA Classic. They are really popular in the West (Utah/Idaho) but when we lived in the Midwest, not many people knew about them either. The first time, I sent them back and got a new set, but I haven’t bothered with it again and just make cookies by hand. Selbstverständlich gibt es auch andere Meinungen, die tendenziell ein bisschen unzufrieden zu sein scheinen, aber unterm Strich sind die Rückmeldungen doch wohlwollend. I’ve come across a Swedish mixer that seems to be have the great qualities of the Bosch and KA. I love it for all of those things! The Bosch is shorter, so it may fit under low cupboards easier. First, the mixer bowl couldn’t really handle bread dough with even 12 cups of flour. Interesting what you said about your daughter’s Costco KA – I’ve experienced the SAME thing when making a large batch of whipped cream and a couple other things that needed longer whipping times. So when I was approached with the opportunity to try out a Bosch Universal Plus Mixer, I was excited to try it out. I haven’t had great luck with the shield, but MANY people are commenting that it helps, so I’ll keep trying! So. My daughter did burn up one of my KitchenAid mixers when she put a package of chocolate chips that had been melted an then frozen into it. –Doesn’t seem to get the sides or the bottom very easily. Thanks for your comments, Jeni (although double oops to killing your in-laws KA!). . I bought a Bosch hand mixer 25 years ago and use it for eggs, cake mixes, frosting – small batches. Also love that it comes with a blender, because we don’t own one of those either. Once you get to know your bosch you will never want to part with it! I’ve found that the dough hook extender makes the Bosch able to knead smaller batches of bread. –Mixing tools not compatible with other models. I have owned/used both KitchenAid and Bosch mixers. I’m sorry about your KitchenAid burning up, Chelsea! Three generations of Kitchen Aide users. My husband bought me a kitchen aid mixer when we were first married. I haven’t had the issue with bread being hard to clean out of my Bosch, but I know others have. So when I got married, I registered for a KitchenAid mixer. I would love to get the model that you have eventually. You can see this immediately in terms of shape, color, size, and design. My middle daughter is using a very old 2 speed that I found at an estate sale. I’ve used both plenty, and like both – though my preference is Bosch for bread making and KitchenAid for mixing and whipping. For serious bread makers and avid bakers of many types, the Bosch is a strong contender. Not only are you a good cook, but you’re a gifted writer into the bargain. And I must say: my new KA does not compare to my Mother’s 40+ year old KA, and I suspect that it has to do with the fact that the original KA’s had Hobart motors. The frosting was thick. Memories are so powerful! My husband came home to find me wrestling with it on the floor banging the bowl handle with a rubber mallet and using language from Saxon times while trying to watch a YouTube video on the iPad beside me. I have a Kitchen Aid, just the normal 200$ model. I love it. Last one turned out to be a problem with the cast case, so I bought the Costco deal on the Bosch and kept both Kitchenaids so I can still use my pasta machine and other attachments What a work horse…youre right about it not handling small batches as well, but I’ll never worry about wearing out gears again… I love my Bosch!! The tilt head makes life easier and the paddle attachment is great for biscuit/cookie recipes; I don’t mind a bit of scraping. I have had a Compact for probably 8 years and I love it! My KA gets used daily, but my bosch only gets pulled out for big batches of bread and cookie dough. Due to limited counter space, I moved it off the counter two years ago and haven’t used it since. I have some very specific complaints about the Bosch, but I’m not sure the KitchenAid won’t have other equally significant problems. I went to a farm auction several years after purchasing my KA and was able to buy 5 of the attachments for next to nothing and they are also going strong. Sunbeam Mixmaster! I had to scroll down for 10 minutes to get to the comments…I love you and your site and refer everyone from my friends to my YW to my daughters who see you as the ONLY source of cooking knowledge online. The glass breaks or the motor dies easily or it doesn’t chop well. I actually use the food processor with the Bosch more than the mixer. My parents have had their Sunbeam since they were married 43 years ago and it is still going strong. Creaming butter and sugar is a breeze. If my kitchen aid ever dies I will probably replace it with a hobart or similar industrial machine. This really comes down to personal preference. Although it’s not fun to carry out, chances are, you’ll just put it on your countertop and leave it there. I think he was quite proud of his purchase, because he told me all about the sale and the big rebate and such. I completely agree with your assessments! ), so I’ve had ample opportunity to test them out – and it may be a small thing, but it drives me nuts that the bowl is not bowl-shaped, but instead doughnut-shaped. So I would end up mixing by hand or just not making those cookies which made my husband sad. I use the pulse function to incorporate the dry ingredients and only let it mix until just combined. The only thing she’s had to replace was the bowl. Bosch may win the third-rack contest, but KitchenAid is the clear winner when it comes to drying the dishes. I have both, the Bosch Universal Plus and a Kitchenaid Pro 600 and have had for several years. I would really love a Bosch. I need to look into that dough hook attachment – lots of people have recommended it! I got a Bosch from my mom for my wedding almost 15 years ago. Your analysis has really helped me plan for my next stand mixer. Also, I have this paddle attachment and it’s life changing, almost never anything unmixed at the bottom and never need to scrape. I haven’t been paid to talk about these mixers); this post contains a few affiliate links which means that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. I guess there is nothing absolutely perfect in the world of mixers. Now, I don’t make bread very often (maybe 2X per year) so I might not fit in with this crowd, but I just do the whole thing by hand. Has that been a problem for you? I also now have a beautiful black Kitchen Aid, Professional 600, given to me by my sister-in-law to try out. I’m 66 years old and I’m sure you’ll never believe this, but I have NEVER in all my life EVER owned a stand mixer…. I must say I have my grandmother’s Kitchen Aid – from 1978! So this winter got the Artisan tilt-head and am glad I did. I believe that Bosch bought Siemens at some point. Probably appreciate my Bosch more than any other mixer. Sadly he bought a ton of the bells and whistles for the Kitchen-Aid and I still grab my hand mixer to whip up a cake or something small and ignore it. ), but I kind of like the division of labor. I find that it gets in the way more often than not. That’s no fun! Mine came with 2 cups that are roughly 16 ounces and I make an individual smoothie in it every morning. You are cute. It’s all about the 5qt one. The Bosch is a lot harder to clean, but things mix so much better, it never overheats, and my bread dough especially turns out sooooo much better. The secret I’ve learned is to add the flour very gradually for small batches of bread in the Bosch, otherwise, you’re left with dry patches as the dough just spins aimlessly in the mixer unable to incorporate all the ingredients. It came with all of the attachments for way less than the Bosch. is the Kenwood site and specifically the models I am looking at. I then bought one for myself at Costco a couple of years ago. I use it for 6x batch pizza dough, 4x batch cc cookie dough etc. I’ve commented before on another post that I have a Bosch that was my great Grandma’s & that is well over 35 years old and it’s still going. I have a good hand mixer that I actually prefer to use over my Kitchen Aid nearly always.” – Carrie, “I got my KitchenAid for my wedding 18 years ago and haven’t had a single problem. I have had to replace two floors when it crawled across the counter onto the floor ad cut a hole on the linoleum and cracked the tile. As far as bosch, the parts break WAY too easily in my opinion. Hi Brianne – I kind of hate the shield for the KA, too. Too heavy and tall. I LOVE my Bosch! Love it! Disclaimer: this is an unsponsored post (i.e. Love it! My 12 year old kitchenaid just burned up on some whole wheat bread (another $1 for you) so I decided to try the Bosch since I use the mixer mostly for bread and the occasional cookies/cakes/frosting. Your information has helped me decide to spend a little more on the Bosch because it really seems more suited to my bread making.. Sunbeam was my starter also, Helen! I currently have semi broken cookie paddles where only one of the two rotates as they spin around the bowl, but cannot decide if I should spend another $20 on cookie paddles that are of such a poor design. There’s obviously a reason for that, so heed the warnings. Then when I attach the bowl to the base, it pops the beaters/hook back off. Bosch has the bowl scraper, but for some reason, I’ve had issues with it. I think it was a Michael Ruhlman? I bake a lot (including wedding cakes and tons of cupcakes with frosting), and I currently have an 8-quart COMMERCIAL KA model that I love for these tasks. In der folgende Liste finden Sie als Kunde unsere beste Auswahl von Bosch maxximum vs kitchenaid, während die oberste Position unseren Favoriten darstellt. I started my married life with a Sunbeam Mixmaster. I’m so glad your Autumn gold mixer is going strong still! Life is rough. If I can find one, I will absolutely do that! When moving across country, the movers put the mixer on the side. It belonged to my mother, and I inherited it. Considering the Bosch. I got my first Bosch in 1989 and it also came with a food processor attachment. I was raised with a bread making Bosch loving Mom. I’m hearing lots of good things about those old Sunbeam mixers! I enjoyed reading your post. (I finished the dough by hand today, but this dough really needs to be done by machine because of the specialty flour.) About seven years ago I went for well over a year without any mixer and continued to bake regularly. It’s currently in storage as were military overseas. Hey Mel, I would love to have a Bosch for bigger recipes since I have 6 kids and all my recipes are doubled or tripled to feed my crew. Mine has a 7 quart bowl but the flour will fly out if you make too big of a batch. Somehow the Bosch just seems like a bigger chore to use. Since I learned to bake and cook, in Home Economics class as a teen-ager… and my mom giving some lessons too, I’ve used only an electric hand mixer or good old elbow grease to mix cookie dough, cake batter, frostings, merinque and whipped cream, but I’ve been getting into making breads lately, because I’m tired of spending $3 – 4 dollars for a loaf of bread. I didn’t bring it this time because I didn’t want to put it through the strain of a transformer, and I knew there was a stand mixer here with the right wiring for the New Zealand electrical current. I do have a deep drawer that stores my Bosch, and I like that I can tuck it away. I want so badly to make smoothies regularly but I just can’t win with blenders. Required fields are marked *. I also use Bosch attached blender all of the time so I only have one unit on my counter. I have never had a stand mixer in all my seventy years and at the quoted prices never will. The KitchenAid is easily cleaned and I do prefer it for making cakes and cookies which is why I purchased one two years ago. I’m frustrated and wondering if I need a kitchen aid instead. I think the Bosch Universal is best for …, I think the Kitchen Aid Mixer is best for  ….

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