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Very cool. do you have SLOEs for EM? For IM: I love the knowledge you have to know, I love the slower pace, and I like that you have the option of going into a subspecialty if you choose be, but then the idea of knowing a lot of about one thing and knowing a lot less about everything else scares me. Walter Reed doctor ousted after criticizing Trump’s coronavirus parade: "I regret nothing" Dr. James Phillips was removed from the Walter Reed schedule after trashing Trump's hospital joyride That's intellectual right? Disposition. During my work experience, many of the FY1 and 2 doctors said they regretted doing medicine and were advising me not to apply! On another note.... you seem really worried about the average pay. I would take more time to figure out which one your heart is truly calling you to do. Sign up to talk with a nutrition counselor. In an ideal world it would be fluid and informative for both parties. I'm on my way to a critical care fellowship and I'm looking forward to the procedures and the care for very sick patients without also having to treat little Timmy's sniffles. Even if you turn into a cardiologist from your IM residency if all you really wanted to do was hip replacements back when you were 23 years old it might be tough to accept that. I considered both EM & IM until it came time to craft my 4th year schedule and apply for externships. Yea.... if you want to apply EM you're already behind. 3 years ago. Please read the rules carefully before posting or commenting. I am having an internal conflict right now (no pun intended). I also take pride in realizing that I accomplished something as challenging as an MD. Sometimes I feel bad about what I'm admitting to the hospitalist, but the patient is slightly too sick or unsafe to go home. Internal regret compares the loss of an online algorithm to the loss of a modified online algorithm, which consistently replaces one action by another. I'd stay until 10 pm helping the night shift stabilize a crashing patient cause I knew them, and loved shooting the shit with my team and the nursing staff. I feel like on twitter, Facebook, SDN, IRL nobody is really honest and only tell you about how great their specialty choice is. Medmastery Videos & PDFs 2018. Attending-dependent work-ups. It was hard to do that on MICU. I went into medical school wanting to be a surgeon, but caught the EM bug pretty early. At ReddiBestOf, you'll find the best of all worlds. I applied and matched EM. Internal Medicine Residency Positions in Alabama (AL) There are 8 Internal Medicine programs in Alabama. It delivers 500 USMLE-style questions and answers that address the clerkship’s core competencies along with detailed explanations of both correct and incorrect answers. For Internal Medicine there's so much flexibility. AANA Annual Meeting On Demand 2018. Now let’s get to the tips to honor your internal medicine rotation1. I have great respect for my ED colleagues but throughout my entire IM and fellowship time I have never once wished I could switch places with my PGY equivalent in the ED. Both are solid and rewarding choices. The Bad Things. Get ready to be crushed by Administration when they want you to continue to increase your efficiency and improve your greeting time. I still think taking care of an undifferentiated, critically ill patient is super interesting, but I have a totally different view about trauma than I did as a third year med student. Leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more content! I would also want to go into cards if I were to pick a specialty, and that is another 3 year residency. I don't think people have as many regrets as maybe there might be people who wanted something and couldn't grab it; and it's hard to accept that. Some days I really feel like the "jack of all trades," physician I used to imagine when I worked in EMS. On the other hand, I absolutely dreaded every single one of my ED shifts and hated every minute of it. Not to say that I don't want a job with a certain level of chaos and variability- I hedged my bets a little with my ultimate residency choice, pm me if you want details. Working with medical students. Knowing I am more of a routine-oriented person, I have been leaning towards IM, but from what I heard is that IM docs make about $200k-$250, whereas ER docs make about $350k-$400k, hence I really have to stop and think about whether I would be happy being in a more versatile field and not doing my daily routine for more money. Be Your Patient’s Advocate: I suggest this in almost all my clerkship posts. To each his own, I guess. Any thoughts, advice, or experiences would be beyond appreciated! Enjoy! Try to do a couple of EM rotations before you decide, even if that means scheduling aways well into fall and dual applying- like I did. Administrators are also having a huge push for door to greet time. I'm getting more comfortable with this, but it's jarring at first. I trust them for big and little things and love hanging out with them. Thank you for watching. SLOEs are standardized letters of eval that is used in EM. It sometimes feels that my job is to thwart Darwinism at every turn. I’m not a doctor, but just a med student, but maybe it’ll be helpful for some people to hear the perspective of a med student too: I would say for medicine don’t do it unless you are absolutely certain that’s what you want to do. They're brilliant, kind, and supportive. Sure, maybe I don't recognize it on the patients I don't see, because you guys did your job and they didn't need to come in. In EM you see all the good and evil in the world and there's little time to process it. Before joining Webcor, Shel spent 21 years as principal of Holtz Communication + Technology. All the drama and excitement are there, you never get bored. IM people usually enjoy disease management but hate the social work or poor staff support. Im 25, have a bachelors in MIS, and have spent the last year taking the prereqs for PA school part-time at a community college. What do you know now that you wish that you could tell your younger self? Inpatient, outpatient, subspecialty, SNF work , Etc. I can't even imagine doing emergency medicine now. 41st Annual Intensive Review of Internal Medicine. There are times when our trauma patients are wheeled out by the surgery team to get an ex-lap or a SDH goes for a crani, and every time, a part of me longs to go with them. Rotating schedule. Or, "the patient needs placement, and we don't have a social worker, so can you admit them and figure it out?" In reality it's a soul-sucking endeavor that often frustrates both ends. I can't even imagine doing emergency medicine now. You made the best of your situation, grew into it, and excelled. Please click here to visit our site. gave up my med offer Medicine vs Dentistry Why rejection from med was a positive for me show 10 more Starting uni at 23? In contrast, internal medicine programs are known for emphasizing preparation for fellowship and sub-specialization. My last MICU month you had trouble getting me home after a 12 hour shift. Turn on NOTIFICATIONS to know when I upload! Quick teaching and their questions keep me on my toes and I love seeing students get excited. Patients. I submit my residency application in a few months and I keep going back and forth between the two specialities. You may have left this out, but if you haven't done/scheduled EM rotations at residency sites you've made the decision for yourself- IM. I suppose that is relative to each person though. Get your guide here. Same. There has been not a single moment in the entirety of my life where I thought about the crap that Emergency Med docs have to deal with and thought, "Yeah, I would let someone pay me to endure that. MedicalBooksVN Contact Press J to jump to the feed. Thus, in this post, I’ve included the top six things that I really love about the field. Movement. What I abhor is when I get called to admit a patient for something that asking the patient 5 questions clarifies their need to not come on, or get a call to admit a patient and the ER has no clue what is going on and has maybe one lab back. what made you choose EM over IM in the end? Can you elaborate on one of your soul startling moments? My co-interns. Check out the best of /r/instant_regret today. Laughter. 18 votes, 43 comments. New job next week, all my pants are shat. I'm a PGY-1 in Emergency Medicine. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I can manage acute medical conditions, and I also get to do a lot of acute interventional procedures. Residency Administration. I'm in an interesting situation because I wanted to do emergency medicine, but instead scrambled into Internal Medicine after the match didn't go my way. We get to do loads of cool things under ultrasound guidance. There's a little bad in anything you do. On a single shift in the last week I fixed lacerations, splinted fractures, disimpacted a patient, intubated, sped up hearts, slowed down hearts, threw in lines during traumas and medical resuscitations etc. That extra money won't make you hate your life less when you are working a job you don't want to be working. Woo, me too! It’ll surely help you with your internal medicine rotation! degree. I'm in an interesting situation because I wanted to do emergency medicine, but instead scrambled into Internal Medicine after the match didn't go my way. Dr. Coffey plans to work part time with Mt. I live in a city with a relatively lower cost of living and my SO is a resident as well. I do, however, see people that despise the extra stuff that goes with their specialty. We live comfortably, can go on vacation and out to eat, and just got a dog! I pack everything up in a little box in the moment and rummage through it while running or at the gym, but honestly some things just startle the soul, and I'm never quite sure what will do it. I'm lucky to have been thrown together with them. I'd quit medicine immediately if I had to work in the ED every single day. Consults. There are many downsides to emergency medicine including working on shifts and depending on where you work people using the ER like a primary care physician. At the core, there is no perfect specialty (or job) for any of us and there is no such thing as a truly informed decision since we won't know what it is like once we're in it. have you done the video interview yet? Right now I work in an office and find it to be almost soul-crushing. Welcome to /r/MedicalSchool: An international community for medical students. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. seniors when internal medicine is ranked exclusively. tl;dr- I think I have the best job in the world. More importantly... never compromise your future happiness for money. Just an observation as a student, but I rarely see people who hate their specialty. The only thing I miss from IM is the ability to really sit and spend time with people if I want to. Absolutely. /r/medicine is a virtual lounge for physicians and other medical professionals from around the world to talk about the latest advances, controversies, ask questions of each other, have a laugh, or share a difficult moment. It is true you make less per hour work because I end up billing less Critical Care. That shit pisses me off. Stupid people are stupid. Does it slow me down? Our PDs, aPDs, and PC are extraordinarily supportive. Residency was great and I never regretted my decision. That pisses me off, too. Surgery vs Internal? If you're worried about the money of internal medicine just asked I'd be happy to tell you whatever you want to know. MEDMASTERY – Updated 8/2019. The things I enjoyed on my first EM rotation (ATLS, ACLS, lac repair, fractures) were different than those I still thought were interesting after 3 EM rotations plus all my other ICU/trauma surg rotations.

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