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Little Rock, Arkansas – Fr. August 7, 2018. What is our final destination? Tacoma, WA Wigratzbad Seminary To go on a mission trip to Peru led by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter - there you have the best mission trip ever! During His entire life, always self-possessed and in command of Himself, Christ was always going about His Father’s business, for God’s ways are not our ways. Unfortunately, as was indicated above, not all scholars agree with Orosius’s assertion. Lest we accuse our Lord of intentionally disqualifying Himself for the front page of Fortune 100, or to be some sort of justification for late-starting millennials, Christ knew what was in man, and understood perfectly what He had to contend with in order to achieve and obtain the result He wanted. Allentown, Pennsylvania – Fr. Tacoma, WA Fr. These “Gates of Janus”, as they were called, were opened when Rome was at war and closed when Rome was at peace. We are happy to publish the list of priories in the US District, the priests' locations, and their scheduled mission assignments through Summer 2020. Criminals hide in order to not be found. Santos Castillo as Pastor of Mary Queen of Heaven, Elmhurst; Rev. Only the most hardened atheist or evolutionist will fail to admit that there is something fundamentally wrong with man, and its remedy goes beyond our natural capacity. Holy Week Schedule 2019. FSSP PRIEST ASSIGNMENTS: Fr. These require communication, something that requires effort to do effectively. Should this not be the greatest thing ever? (cf. Increase and ordinations • Number of members (as of Jan. 1 each year) ♦ Total members ♦ Definitively incorporated priests ♦ Seminarians (incl. by The Leaven. John Kodet, Fr. But if we understand something of the origin, we have a good chance to understand and accept its remedy. Apart from the question of John Paul II’s legitimacy, working with or supporting the Priestly Fraternity of St, Peter (FSSP) poses a whole slew of ecclesiological, doctrinal and moral problems. While St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary is technically separate from the US District, the priests service US District chapels - their roster is listed at the end. Joseph Terra Q. John Fongemie, Fr. Note that Sundays are marked with bold letters, and each tab provides sorting and searching functionality.. r/TraditionalCatholics: Forum for those who believe all the Catholic Church teaches, prefers reverence at Mass, rejects modernist (heretical) … 16:23). 2019 Program Booklet. Matthew McNeely, FSSP + Asst. John Fischer Joseph Valentine After Adam and Eve sinned, they hid themselves from God. Thanks are due to Mr. Jared Copeland for his assistance on this article. In fact, there is never a point in time when God leaves man to himself. Newly-named Peter tried to distract Him from the Cross, and Christ called him Satan (Mt. Post Falls, ID Richmond, VA The Holy See, FSSP Apostolates Simon Harkins Forgiveness trades our wounds for the open wound of Christ’s Heart, and that is the place where heaven begins. It seems then that forgiveness and faith are linked. Christ is born!! Mission Message from Anolaima, Colombia – June 2020. Providence, RI Fort Worth, TX Thorold, Ontario, Canada – Fr. Robert Boyd, FSSP December 27, … Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Fr. He received his first priestly assignment that summer, returning to Mater Misericordiae in Phoenix as an assistant priest under Fr. 2016 Program Book. Invocation 2020. Brookville, IN Phoenix, AZ Baltimore, Maryland – Fr. Views and opinions expressed in the Missive are solely the writers’ and do not necessarily reflect those of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. consecration. If not, it is time to call upon the Holy Ghost to stir up some fortitude about this. Phoenix, Arizona – Fr. Robert Dow, FSSP, Rector St. Irénée-de-Lyon Church, Montréal, QC. We all have our pet peeves about what others do on the road, from the perpetual blinker, to those forgetting that a right turn can be made on the red, to those backing up traffic while trying to parallel park in a space that even a toddler could realize is too small. North American Headquarters, South Abington Twp, PA Regrettably, it seems the Church has grown too comfortable in recent decades of not asking this, and asking it frequently, almost like she is embarrassed by it, as if evangelization is a zero-sum game, as if there is only a static number of souls to work with. Joseph Portzer Chesapeake, Virginia – Fr. Harrisburg, PA Dallas, TX Behold again the motive of the Redeemer announced in Eden. For the SSPX, Archbishop Lefebvre was right in “ transmitting what he had received ”, including his very episcopate, to assure the faithful transmission of the Catholic Faith, “ without which Faith no one can be justified ”. Dayton, OH Having no need for formulated dogma or authority outside oneself, one is permitted to make up his own rules, avoiding any moral impetus to really be better and master oneself. Administrator: Fr. Being spiritual avoids the hell that comes with a broken or damaged relationship with God and that requires genuine partnership and cooperation with Him to repair, something He desires more than we can imagine. 27:40). Nor a game. Joshua Houck, FSSP, will arrive July 15 to serve as assistant chaplain. Québec, QC 18:23 ff.). South Bend, IN Most Catholic priests take a vow of obedience, an attempt to put the good of the Church before their own personal good. Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary With the particular charism and mission of… The Seminary. Forgiveness is the first prerequisite for eternal life; there is no one in heaven who has not been forgiven from sin and has not realized their need for it (in our Lady’s case, although preserved from sin, this was on account of Christ’s merits on the Cross). John Brancich, Fr. James Gordon, Fr. This summer I am happy to be assigned to Casa Cristo Rey in Guadalajara, Mexico. Fraternity Publications Joseph Orlowski After four thousand years of waiting for His Birth, and except for that unusual instance in the Temple when He was twelve and insisted that He must be about His Father’s business, (Lk. Only in His last few months does He reveal Himself to be true God and Creator of all – and despite the supporting proof of His claim, humanity fires Him by way of crucifixion. On July 23, 2019, Michael Voris’ Church Militant (CM) organization published a rather shocking headline: “Is the SSPX Sheltering a Sexual Predator?” To briefly recap its contents, the author – James Baresel, “a freelance writer with degrees in philosophy and history” (CM’s description) – accused the leadership of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) of gross negligence (at best) and deliberate cover-up (at worst) in relation to Fr. Close submenu of Priesthood. They are in my way. Mt. William Rock, FSSP has compiled some printable guides for the liturgical seasons–you may remember the Advent guide that we published earlier in December. 2018 Priest Assignments Announced. Robert Dow Fresno, CA Garrick Huang, FSSP, Rector St-Zéphirin-de-Stadacona, Québec City, QC. Rapid City, SD In a certain sense, this is how God hides from us; He actually leaves Himself to be discovered and pursued and obtained. Denton, NE (Seminary) Denver, CO Christopher Hathaway Krzysztof Sanetra Fr. Peter Bauknecht, Alex Fr. Lexington, KY Houston, TX Joseph Favole-Mihm Brian Austin God is hidden also, but God does not hide the same way we do. Vienna, Ohio – Fr. Fr. Passionate about something niche? Clarkdale, AZ He confronts Evil itself in the desert at the outset of His public life – and wins. The traffic is what it is, people drive the way they do. By the third year, opposition spread and things were a mess, and they ended even messier. Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary Baltimore, MD Ottawa, ON As a result, his faculties to minister as a priest have been revoked; he is no longer permitted to function as a priest, wear clerical attire, or to present himself as a cleric in any manner. LiveMass.Net Montréal, QC, Canada – Fr. Orlando, FL And all flesh shall see the salvation of God (Lk. For those who do not believe hell exists (and that there are souls in it), it would make one wonder what color the sky is in their world. Kansas City/Westwood, KS Moaning about a boss’s “lack of concern or being in touch” is a common occurrence in workplaces. Chesapeake, VA Holy Week Schedule 2019. South Bend, IN As we are joyfully celebrating the Octave of the Nativity, we are pleased to now provide Fr. Once again, I get annoyed because someone is in my way; they are perceived to be an obstacle to reaching my desired destination. Mr. John Killackey, FSSP, an alumnus and current deacon of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, will become Christendom’s 87 th alumnus priest when he is ordained on Friday, May 24. Joseph Terra, FSSP. Sometimes the boss is quite moved by the dedication of the employees despite difficult conditions or personal circumstances; other times he may have good reason for concern about things. San Diego, CA forward-in-faith. While the show certainly has cause for some criticism – for instance, how much reality is there when the company is always portrayed favorably – the premise behind the show has some value, and benefits come from the “little guy” feeling appreciated. Even to the very end, Herod asked to see miracles (Lk: 23:8), and the crowd challenged Him to come down from the Cross so they could believe (Mt. God never abandons man. Seventy times seven does He answer Peter’s question about how often to forgive. Joseph Hearty Orlando, FL It is an impetus to appeal the Holy Ghost to stir up in us a more devout practice of the Faith, the desire for good and frequent use of the Sacraments, a spirit of self-denial that seeks the will of God and acceptance of the hard things, to abandon escapism, to carry our crosses, to cultivate a relationship with Christ that impacts and transforms the soul, sparking a love for virtue, a hatred for sin. Fr. But since they are, why cannot they just drive the same way I do? Omaha, NE It connotes a separation of things that should be together, which necessarily carries pain and suffering. Peter Byrne Stéphane Dupre, Fr. Although John would point out Christ at the advent of His public life, this passage rightfully applies at the advent of His Birth. Subscribe. There just might be a great catch to be had if the nets are dropped with conviction, recognizing as Peter did that Christ alone, though His Church, has the words of everlasting life. Coat of arms of the FSSP. Reddit has thousands of vibrant communities with people that share your interests. Michael Stinson, Fr. The boss assumes an alias and fictitious back-story, dresses in disguise, and works among the rank-and-file, often having his eyes and ears opened to a number of issues. On the last two Sundays of Advent, the Church presents us with the great and steadfast figure of St. John the Baptist, fulfilling the words of the prophet Isaias: A voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight His paths. Priests retiring • Father Andrew Kafara from St. Anthony Church in Elmendorf. It is not just some honorary title. Quincy, IL Kevin O’Neill, Fr. James … Rapid City, SD Jose Zepeda Dennis Gordon, Fr. There are lots of spiritual people out there. Christ is not some mythical figure; He is a mystical Figure, true God and true Man. Rockdale, Illinois – Fr. The devil had tried to give our Lord advice on how to best go about things, especially after wasting thirty years as a carpenter in a know-nothing village. Omaha, Nebraska – Fr. Harrisburg, PA Is. It is the custom to open the temple in time of war, and to close it during peace. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Carmel) – Fr. Any of us who drive are likely guilty of getting annoyed with other drivers from time to time. In this way do we discover the crooked paths of false zeal, impure inclinations, and bad intentions that need straightening; the valleys of cowardice and sloth that need filling; the mountains of pride, selfishness, and worldly ambition that need leveling; and the rough paths of jealousy, hatred, lack of charity, and unwillingness to forgive that need smoothing. By providing these links, the Catholic Diocese of Dallas assumes no responsibility for, nor does it necessarily endorse, the website, its content, or sponsoring organizations. Bishop Douglas Deshotel has announced the following new assignments eff ective July 1, 2019: William Rock, FSSP was ordained in the fall of 2019 and is currently Assistant Pastor at Mater Misericordiae parish in Phoenix, AZ. MORE FSSP PRIEST ASSIGNMENTS ANNOUNCED FSSP Ordinations. Karl Pikus, Fr. Priests' Assignments: 2019/2020 sspx.org - 08/17/2019 Los Angeles, California – Fr. Edward Brodsky Fr. But where are we supposed to be going in this life of ours? But through it all, He called for imitation of His life if we wanted what He offered – to be heirs with Him of a kingdom that would last forever (Lk. All assignments are effective July 1, 2019. Daniel Powers, FSSP + Asst. 2015 Program Book. We have received word from the US Postal Service that they are experiencing a large backlog of packages and and mail, because they lack the manpower to sort and deliver them quickly. Assistant: Fr Konrad Loewenstein, FSSP: padrek@libero.it. Greece Pilgrimage. Fr. Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter 450 Venard Road South Abington Township, PA 18411. Priestly Ordinations: May 24th, 2019 We ask your prayers for the five deacons of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter who will be ordained to the sacred priesthood this month. Tacoma, Washington – Fr. As priestly ordination is the culmination and final goal of each seminarian’s time at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, these priestly ordinations are not only a most joyful time for the new priests but also a great inspiration for all of the seminarians. Naples, FL No sooner did man sin than God immediately promised a Redeemer who would save him from it (cf. It would do well for our modern world (and the Church in some regards) to come to terms with the reality of original sin. And the greater our conviction of that, by the grace of God, so the higher we keep our standard and more readily admit to the things that we let get in our way. James Jackson, Fr. Bishop Douglas Deshotel has announced the following new assignments eff ective July 1, 2019: Reverend Patrick Broussard appointed Pastor of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish in Church Point and its mission, St. … Christopher Mahowald, Fr. This is the meaning of Christmas that we all have the responsibility to profess in a world that thinks it has no need for a Savior. Recently, the Fraternity of St. Peter has started operating near to where I offer the traditional Latin Mass every week. The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (Latin: Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri; FSSP) is a traditionalist Catholic society of apostolic life for priests and seminarians which is in communion with the Holy See. Gregory Pendergraft, Fr. But it seems that modern evangelization efforts have cowered under pressure to soften this, lest we offend. Anthony Forte PERMANENT WITHDRAWAL FROM MINISTRY Reverend Michael A. Colello has voluntarily and permanently withdrawn from the active ministry of the Priesthood, effective November 11, 2019. Assistant: Fr Ian Verrier, FSSP: iverrier@fssp.org . While admitting that there can be better and worse ways to evangelize, the question about Christ remains the same and must be asked. The seminary was named in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, her title as the Patroness of the Americas… Discernment. Maple Hill, KS James Smith Colorado Springs, CO And upon that appearance, Christ wishes them all peace – something most foreign to hell – and gives them the power to forgive sin (Jn. Tulsa, OK Heroic Priest in the Trenches. Los Angeles, CA Gregory Pendergraft, Fr. Dayton, Ohio – Fr. Joshua Houck Priestly Formation in the Fraternity. Thursday, May 23, 2019. John Berg, Superior General of the FSSP. They tried to make Him king after the miracle of the loaves, and He fled (Jn. The following is a list of the remaining changes to the priest assignments. Properly called Holy Orders, ordination is the means by which a Catholic baptized male becomes a deacon, priest or bishop. FSSP. Atlanta, GA Priestly Fraternity of St Peter […] Read more. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Fr. Children who play “hide and seek” with their parents actually want to be found; staying hidden for hours (or minutes) on end is no fun, and so they will give themselves away for the “thrill” of the chase back to base. Québec, QC Fraternity Publications supports the mission of the FSSP through the sales of books, calendars, CDs, videos, priest training kits, altar cards & more Good Friday Stations of the Cross followed by Mass of the Presanctified: St Anne’s 3pm. Naples, FL Critics will accuse us of reducing the complex problems facing humanity down to a simple cause. Fraternity priests tell people not to receive the sacraments at my Mass center because I do not have faculties from the local bishop, who is of course a complete modernist. Canonically erected by Pope St. John Paul II in 1988. The wood of the cradle and the wood of the Cross are inseparably linked. Charles Van Vliet, Fr. Administrator: Fr. Houston, Texas – Fr. Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter; Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri . 20:19 ff.). Scranton, PA It actually does cover all the bases. Joseph Favole-Mihm If you would to see the liturgical calendar for 2019, please click here Pastors. If you would to see the liturgical calendar for 2021, please click here. Allentown, PA Calgary, AB But what was the status of the Gates of Janus during the time of Augustus Caesar, during the time of the birth of Our Lord? Christopher Pelster, Fr. Daniel Geddes, Fr. Many of us may be familiar with the popular “reality” television series Undercover Boss, which began airing in 2010 during the recession, where either a CEO or upper-level manager goes to work in various entry-level positions for a week in his or her own company. After recounting how many years have passed since various historical events, the Proclamation declares that: The phrase, “while the whole world was at peace” (“toto Orbe in pace compósito”) is an interesting one and naturally gives rise to the question: To answer this question, we must look at what peace would have meant to a Roman living at the time, as, after all, Our Lord was born in, more-or-less, a part of Roman Empire. Fort Wayne, IN Father Joseph DeGuzman, FSSP, from priestly ministry outside the archdiocese to chaplain of the Latin Mass Community of St. Philippine Duchesne, Mission Woods. FSSP International Such suggestions kept popping up throughout His life. As an author astutely puts it: “Unforgiveness locks us into unbelief, and unbelief deepens unforgiveness. Fostering Extra-liturgical Devotions. He offered his first Mass at the Chapel of Sts. At its root, being spiritual does not carry any responsibility and does not involve an encounter with a personal God who makes demands on us, enabling one to be always okay with the way one is. End the hell. Reviving Religious Life in Britain. Eric Flood, Fr. Colorado Springs, CO El Paso, Texas – Fr. This is subject to change, as the priests, like any of us, face illness and unexpected circumstances - but this is the proposed schedule as of August 15, 2019. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Fr. Karl Marsolle, Fr. And they are in danger of trading a hell we are supposed to overcome for the hell that will never end. New Priestly assignments in the Diocese of Lafayette Louisiana Diocese of Lafayette. Kansas City/Westwood, KS And this is what Advent and Christmas are about: the coming of a Savior and ending hell in our lives, the hell that begins by turning from the forgiveness and reconciliation God extends, demonstrated by the great lengths He took by becoming man and hanging on a Cross, something almost unbelievable if it was not true. Vancouver, BC Baltimore Catechism). I am trying to get somewhere in a certain amount of time, and all these other drivers are preventing me from doing that; and if I am running late, especially through my own fault, the annoyance increases because they are now really getting in my way. Gregory Eichman, Fr. That is because sin is committed against someone, it is something personal and thus requires admission, humility, honesty, and mercy for its remedy, all things that come at a cost. Christ instituted the Sacrament of Confession, not only for us to have the spiritual benefit of knowing we are forgiven by God for our sins, but also for the psychological benefit of hearing the words I forgive you. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Joliet, IL Vancouver, BC, Canada – Fr. But this attitude of annoyance we may sport towards other drivers gives us plenty of food for thought in regard to the care we must have for our souls, especially with Christmas fast approaching. Denver (Littleton), Colorado – Fr. Sung Mass Guide Release November 30, 2020; Minor Orders: November 21, 2020 November 28, 2020; Minor Orders to be held in private cerem Matthew McCarthy Mt. Therefore, the unwillingness to accept this, or to think it is not possible perhaps for oneself, or the refusal to forgive another all militate against faith and begin to create a hell in one’s soul and life. Confraternity of St. Peter The Holy See, FSSP Apostolates We are happy to publish the list of priories in the US District, the priests' locations, and their scheduled mission assignments through Summer 2020. We give thanks to God for the four new priests ordained on May 24th by His Excellency Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, Bishop Emeritus of Lincoln. Sacramento, CA In fact, prior to the rule of Augustus Caesar, the Gates of Janus were only closed twice, once in 700 B.C., during Numa’s reign, and again in 253 B.C., after the First Punic War. May 28, 2019 May 28, 2019 Today's Catholic Newspaper Appointments for the Archdiocese of San Antonio announced May 28, including pastor, administrator, and parochial vicar assignments, retirements and others. Fraternity Publications Read More . Sarasota, FL Philadelphia, PA It begins here and we all have work to do in order to get there, not just externally but interiorly in our own souls. Though baptized Catholic, it seems she has not let that Faith penetrate (we pray the Holy Ghost to stir up those baptismal graces within her). El Paso, TX From all of us at the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, we wish our beloved parishioners, supporters, and friends a Holy and Merry Christmas. After the Spring District Priestly Meeting at the nearby retreat center at Waverly, the Priests of the North American District joined the Seminarians for Vespers at the Seminary. Fr. Fort Worth, Texas– Fr. Reacting to something is not the same as doing something about it. Obviously, while sitting here calmly, we can all realize the opportunities such situations afford to practice charity and patience if we really took advantage of them. After all, why must all these other drivers choose to be out on the road at the same time I am? It is heaven. Anthony Dorsa The current assistant pastor, Father Joseph DeGuzman will remain and is being elevated to pastor of St Francis de Sales in Mableton. Scranton, Pennsylvania – Fr. In this issue: Editorial: God is at work . Lincoln, NE Is there really any better explanation for why we are the way we are? Denver, CO Quincy, IL Instead, He was thirty when He decided to set out from Nazareth, and He pretty much laid low and did not do much during that first year of His public life. St. Augustine says it well about original sin: Man sold himself into slavery, but could not purchase himself out of it. Humanity is in a state of rebellion with itself. Caleb Insco Jared McCambridge The fate of the unjust steward who would not forgive should send up a high warning flag (Mt. Québec, QC, Canada – Fr. The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) is a Clerical Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical right, that is, a community of Roman Catholic priests. (And don’t worry, God will take care of any cosmetic surgery that is needed for scars.). When God created the universe, He established man in a state of grace – that is, friendship with Him. Kansas City, Kansas – Fr. After all, filling stomachs and purses by turning stones into bread, or putting on shows with His divine power by throwing Himself off a cliff, sure would have kept the numbers coming (cf. ... Telephone: (570) 842-4000 Fax: (570) 319-9770 info@fssp.com. Sacramento, CA Dayton, OH Stewart Timothy O’Brien, Fr. Ordinations to the Priesthood and Transitional Diaconate The ordination of men to the priesthood and diaconate is a very exciting event for our diocese. After all, CBS was not the inventor of the premise for Undercover Boss; God had that one covered in Eden after Adam’s sin, and it would be far more real than any reality show could ever be. He does not will hell for man. Sarasota, Florida – Fr. Peter - there you have the best mission trip ever! Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter: Some Salient Problems. There have been worse songs that have hit the charts since then, but it demonstrates the point that much complaining closes the eyes to greater realities in play. Denis Bouchard, Fr. Kidding aside, what this annoyance really boils down to is the fact that someone is observed to “be in my way.”. The Fraternity of St. Peter currently operates two international houses of formation: the original formation house in Wigratzbad, Germany, and the other in Denton, Nebraska, U.S.A. Rev. Every valley shall be filled; and every mountain and hill shall be brought low; and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough ways plain. Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri Our Lady of Fatima Chapel 32 West Franklin Ave., Pequannock, New Jersey 07440 + CLERGY + Administrator: Fr. cujus imperium super humerum ejus…, A child is born to us, and a Son is given to us, Calgary, AB Here, you will find all the feast for the current liturgical year. Joshua Passo Little Rock, AR Below are the home priories of the priests in the US District, and their scheduled mission assignments. Philip Wolfe, FSSP International Plutarch, in his Life of Numa, wrote about this Temple as follows: There is a temple to him [Janus] in Rome, which has two doors, and which they call the gate of war. One of the many things we can observe about our Lord is His uncanny lack of care about numbers and averages. The rebellion we all feel within us is not supposed to be there, nor can it be satiated and disappear by stoking it; a moment of disordered gratification runs the risk of a more vehement comeback, but that runs against conventual wisdom. Their newfound knowledge of good and evil now included the bitter taste of hell. All the Romans kept that day as a great solemnity until the time of Theodosius the No Comments on fssp priest assignments 2019 Now I shall double the guards upon you and Alexander, and I shall set a watch. Philip Creuer Adrian Debow 2:49), one would think He would have been chomping at the bit to get started. Policies Master Page. The Fraternity of St. Peter currently operates two international houses of formation: the original formation house in Wigratzbad, Germany, and the other in Denton, Nebraska, U.S.A. capital-campaign. He then makes a covenant with Abraham and his offspring, chooses a nation to specially dwell with as a prelude to the redemption, gives the Law to Moses, arrives in Person at the Incarnation, and finally, after His Ascension, sends the Holy Ghost upon His Church with a mission to baptize and make disciples of all nations, dwelling in the Tabernacles of our churches until the end of time.

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