old german beer steins identifying marks

Aluminised sticker on the base of a modern "Comic Tyrolese Man" Character stein. Also check that the finial matches the branch of service shown on the body of the stein. Your free online database for old, antique and collectible beer steins! The paintings are clearly hand-painted with extensive detail, and the edges are raised around the mug. Original rosters can be either hand painted or a transfer. 20 New regimental steins shown in a 1972 reproduction wholesale catalog. The roster found on a cavalry stein, for example, may also be used on a stein purportedly from an infantry regiment. You should see the hand-painted lithopone pigment on the interior of the mug if it is an authentic vintage beer stein. Kloster Ettal. Many new porcelain steins made ca. If a seller offers several steins and all the lids are the same, it could be a sign the steins are new. Variances in brushstrokes indicate a hand-painted stein. The world's largest beer stein can hold more than 30 liters of beer, stands at more than 4 feet in height and weighs more than 35 pounds. How to Identify an Antique Brass Candleholder, Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. £34.95. German Stoneware Half Liter Beer Stein. Fig. While a lighter color inside a lid does not guarantee a stein is old, a lid of uniformly even color inside and out is generally a sign of a fake. In 2011 the rights to faithfully manufacture selected steins from the original molds were sold to King-Werk GmbH. The different branches of service are never combined in decorations on authentic steins. Fig. These pieces have been steadily reproduced since the 1960s and most experts agree reproductions far out number authentic examples. The new decoration in Fig. If the lithophane shows a nude woman (Fig. Lists of names, or rosters, are frequently repeated on new steins. The most common sizes are half-litre and one-litre. A group of men would enter a unit together, stay in the same unit for training and be discharged as a unit. If it is stamped "Made in Germany", it is a strong indicator of the stein's authenticity. £4.00 postage. The flag also seemed curious so it was double-checked in a world almanac. The first thing that you have to look for is a Made in Germany label on the bottom of the stein. Never make a judgement of authenticity on a single test. The new stein on which the zeppelin appears is dated 1910. In these examples, the same roster from Fig. Examine the outside artwork. If there is still a question after applying the general guidelines in this article, consult a regimental specialist who has access to those records. Popular German Beer Stein Manufacturers. In Fig. Keep in mind there are always exceptions to general rules. The exposed outside surface of original lids (Fig. Leanne Clute started writing in 2009 with her work published in several magazines, including "All About Golf," "All About Snow," "All About Bikes," "All About Four Wheels" and "All About Outdoors." Figs. First, military airships were never painted with such large proper names. Look for “Made in Germany” or “Gemacht in Deutschland.” Obviously if it has a “Made in” mark but the country isn’t Germany, you don’t have an authentic German beer stein. Don't be confused by dates from the late and early 20th centuries. 10-11 A number of transfers originally designed for straight-sided steins are applied to new steins with tapered sides. All original beer steins will be stamped in this manner. Most imitations have Made in China or Made in Taiwan labels on them. Fig. Historical Salt-Glazed Stoneware From Central Germany. A Very Concise History of Faience and a Listing of German Faience Factories. Regimental Beer Steins By Mark Chervenka Perhaps no other collectible is so shrouded in myth, misinformation and mistaken identity as German regimental steins. Authentic ca. The lid is lighter on the inside. Authentic German beer steins are marked very clear with the company/brand names or their logos, at the bottom of the stein, so be sure to check the base. 1-844-BEER-MUG (233-7684) Select Currency: USD . 14 This new roster includes the first name of each solider fully spelled out. Roemers (1): A Brief Account of Their History and a Small Pictorial Review. Many steins are beautifully engraved and painted, making them part art and part pragmatism. 13 only in a shortened version. The bottom may also have the name of an artist or a manufacturing company such as Mettlach. C/w modern paper label (1949 - 1990 Western Germany) This mark is on the base of a stein, identical to the one above depicting a "Dirndl", the nation and date of manufacture is unknown. One other detail to look for is a name on a soldier’s uniform: Vintage beer steins will only display the rank on a uniform in a painting, never a name. Real Or Repro is an industry resource powered by, Vintage KPM German Porcelain TransferWare Beer Stein Portrait Lithophane Tankard, German Dewalt Regimental Stein Navy Reserve Grenzau, Antique German Beer Stein With Pewter Lid, Japanese Porcelain Cup & Saucer with Geisha Lithophane and Dragon Motif, Antique Circa 1890s Lithophane Tea Warmer, Lithopane Scenes, Miniature Figural Children's Kinderkrug Stein Mice Trolls, Antique Lithophane, Lithopane of a Lady at Spinning Wheel, PPM 502, Children's Miniature Stein Kinderkrug Advertising Premium Jo-Mo 1970s, Argentine Army Infantry Regiment 1 Patricians Plate, Vintage Kutani Tea Cup & Saucer – Gold on White Scene with Geisha Lithophane, Blue Onion Porcelain Stein Tankard 19th century, Antique Mettlach Villeroy & Bach Beer Stein #202 1886, Large German Thewalt Blue/Gray Stoneware Stein or Tankard, German Beer Stein with Playing Cards and Pewter Lid, Pr Bisque German Children Bust Figurines Boy & Girl w metal Glasses attached, German Original King 300D 1/2 Hand-Painted Stein, German Beer Stein Celebrating Oktoberfest in Munchen Germany. This way it also was a lot easier to serve the beer for the waitresses or waiters without spilling anything of the ordered beer. 16, for example, the name on the airship is Graf Zeppelin. 9) which is lighter. The period from 1860 to 1914 is considered the Golden Age of the German beer stein. There’s no shortage of choices in our selection of German beer steins. 2–This is the flag of Yugoslavia. Manufacturers typically use the same lid and simply change the finial from stein to stein. Always with like a two finger gab to the top of the stein, so the foam from the beer had enough space. Identifying old German beer steins requires a keen eye. 8-9 The outside of genuinely old metal lids is almost always darker than the inside of the lid. Take a close look at the bottom of your stein. A horse-mounted cavalry figure, for example, should never appear as the finial on a stein decorated with naval or infantry units. Albert Jacob Thewal ; Diesinger ; Dumler and Breiden Early Faience Stein Catalog. Turn the mug upside-down and look for a “Made in Germany” or “Gemadnt in Deutschland” stamp on the bottom. Updates should be happening several times a day until finished. Fig. Pretzels With Your “Milk (Glass)” Beer Stein? The paint on commercially made replicas will appear virtually flawless in the sunlight, and perfection is the sign of an imposter. Collectors should look for a number of elements on a beer stein to ensure it is genuine and not a mass-produced replica. 17-18 Authentic porcelain regimental steins are rarely marked. Modern "Staffel" integrated with the capacity mark. 4 Owners' names on new steins like this example are applied with a decal (transfer). German beer steins by individual makers can be identified by patents and other marks. 18). The majority of mass produced new regimental steins sold by reproduction wholesalers are made of porcelain. We offer you images, descriptions, producer and designer information on 14,136 steins from 162 private collections and 20 stein producer's catalogs , and our collection is growing almost by the day, so check back often! The following are some makers of German beer steins. We have decorated glass, crystal, stoneware and a host of unique German collectibles which make excellent gifts for any occasion. For the Mantle Not all Beer Steins are made for drinking, some are made for decorative purposes. This is because the entire lid has been treated with chemicals to "age" the lid with a dark patina. (Gefreiter). In this period, the company developed the essential experience to overcome the future periods marked with crisis and to secure the position of the GERZ company. 2), a partially undressed woman or a man and woman in an erotic pose, the stein is almost certainly a reproduction. Vintage beer steins have a metal lid that features ornate details that are similar to the painting on the mug. The inside of these new treated lids look the same as the outside, usually uniformly dark (Figs. Toggle menu. When you order a German stein from us, you get the real thing from Germany. Fig. Many of the mugs feature historical or war-related scenes from the place where they were created. 10) Decorations on authentic steins are nearly perfectly aligned. No lithophanes with nudes or erotic scenes ever appear in vintage regimental steins. Decorations in many new steins have mistakes obvious to anybody with a moderate level of general knowledge. Virtually all reproduction steins have such dates in one or more locations (Fig. One manufacturer who does that very would be Thewalt! Figs. The Stein Mark Identification web-site compiled by Chris Wheeler. One of the most common mistakes in decorations on reproductions is the mixing of the different branches of service. £3.95 postage. Note the soldier's awkwardly posed legs and the stiff squared shoulders. Modern Lithographed stein. £25.00. Rosters on original regimental steins virtually never include first names, usually only last names and rank. Vintage Musical German Beer Stein Beer Lover - plays london bridge is falling. The owner's name on authentic regimental steins is hand painted. Whether you’re Bavarian or a native of Schleswig-Holstein, we have the perfect beer stein for you. This new example combines three services: the infantry (solider), air service (airplanes) and navy (anchor). Some new rosters include first names. Authentic rosters virtually never include first names. Bavarian Woman's Top Authentic Rustic Zeppelin Blimp Airship With 3D Pewter Lid LE German Large German Antique Porcelain TANKARD BEER STEIN Relief Thewalt 1894 Rokoko Angel Relief Austria Theme German Beer Stein Vintage GERZ German Beer Stein Mug Porcelain LITHOPHANE Antique Gerz West Germany Pewter Lidded Beer Stein-Vintage Gerz German Beer Stein … Buttons, buckles, insignias and medals are often highlighted with hand painting on authentic steins. Prized pieces have commanded as much as £78,000. Fig. There is less oxidation of the inside than the outside in normal use. How Can I Tell an Original Painting From a Print or a Lithograph? Look for the country in which the stein was made. The outside of the lid should appear darker from years of oxidation, while the inside is a medium-tone metal color. German Stein Green Brown Glazed Pottery 0.3 litre Pewter Lid, Sico Porcelain Dresser Box With Gilt Metal Mounts, German Thewald Stein - West German - 1980s, Mary Baldwin College Stein Tankard Big Mug Vintage Heavy Porcelain, Goebel "Friar Tuck" Monk Beer Stein, 48 Ounces, 18th Century Large German Faience Tankard Pewter Mounted, 3 Liter Walzenkrug, Meissen Military Regiment Plate Saxon Battalion "Sächsisches Bataillon" 1918-1934 Reservist Memorial Plate, Old German Majolica Art Pottery Face Jug Stein Pitcher W Pewter Top, German Beer Stein Mug Marked Great Condition Pottery, c1906 Historic militia Trophy Lawrence light Guard German Westerwald Salt Glazed Stoneware Stein, Large Wedgwood Majolica Jug with Pewter Lid, circa 1870, English Majolica Syrup Pitcher with Pewter Lid, RIP Vietata S. Orvis Hand Painted Pirate Beer Stein Made In Italy, Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne Eagle Tankard or Stein, Antique Royal Doulton Charles Noke Monks in the Cellar Tankard Stein D2385, Vintage ISCO Pewter Covered Enamel Hand Painted Porcelain Bowl Famille Rose, 1940s Gerold Porcelain Shepherd & Sheep Figurine, Hummel "Extra, Extra God Bless America" #2113, Antique invalid or baby faience warming plate - pewter and chinese decor, Large Antique German Westerwald Salt Glazed Stoneware Stein 1 L, Vintage Stoneware Jug - RMG Stein Makers Reinhold Merkelbach of Grenzhausen 1945-1964, Set 4 Majolica Pewter Lid Syrup Pitchers Basket Weave & For-get-me-nots, Early Vintage German Pink Luster Porcelain Lamp, Imperial German Wurttemberg Regimental Commemorative Beer Stein, Antique German Three Crown Porcelain Lusterware Charger Circa 1915, Antique German Porcelain Lusterware Charger Circa 1920, Circa 1910 German "The House that Jack Built" Baby Bowl, Wallendorf Porcelain Figurine - “Boy With Rabbits”, Furstenberg Porcelain Hand Painted Tea Caddy Artist Signed, Green Country Estates - Tulsa Antiques LLC, Majolica Porcelain Pitcher with Pewter lid - 1880's, Antique PM Bavaria Large Serving Platter Circa 1910, Chinese Porcelain Pewter Clad Bowl 8" Diameter, Bisque Figural Boy on a Rope Oil Lamp Swinger, Small German Green Glass Vase with Swirled Design, Rare Beethoven Plaster Life Mask, Marked: Beethoven Haus Bonn, Circa: 1900, Vintage Reichenbach Porcelain Centerpiece Bowl Mid-Late 20th Century, Rosenthal Studio Line Plate By Bjorn Wiinblad, Wethnachtsmarkt Bremen Germany 1997 Clay Mug Wine Set, Jolly Bisque German in Lederhosen Tobacco Jar, 5 Exquisite Dresden Porcelain Angels - Angel Band, Fragonard Scene Demitasse Cup Saucer Porcelain Mother of Pearl Lustre, RS Prussia Tillowitz Silesia Floral Art Deco Design Chocolate Pot Set, German Rosenthal Hand-Painted Dish with Handle Initialed by the Artist, Vintage Favorite Bavaria Covered Casserole serving Dish with Roses, Antique RS Prussia Porcelain Cake Plate Circa 1900, Pair of MINIATURE Antique Cups and Saucers Sitzendorf German Porcelain, RARE Antique Dresden Doll Figurine In ORIGINAL Box,Miniature Dresden Porcelain Figurine,Porcelain Lace Dress,Collectible Figurines, Antique Reticulated Basket with Applied Flowers, K Tutter Hutschenreuther Selb Germany Flower Frog with Putto, Vintage Reichenbach Porcelain Hand Painted Charger Germany Circa 1950, Pair Of German Leuchtenburg Porcelain Jack Russell Plates, Dresden Style Porcelain & Gilt Metal Centerpiece, Nymphenburg Parian Porcelain Angel with Music Scroll, Rosenthal Porcelain Hand-Painted Victorian Glove Box with Pink Roses, Grand size Antique German Westerwald Salt Glazed Stoneware Pitcher Stein 14.5” tall 2 Liters, English Samuel Alcock Pewter Mounted Lilac Parian Ware Pottery Pitcher / Jug. Thewalt's selection of German Beer Steins Include: Specialty Steins, Souvenir Steins, Old German Steins (Traditional Steins), Gift items, Custom Steins and many more!! She holds an Associate of Science in mortuary science through Hudson Valley Community College, where she is also pursuing a Bachelor of Business in business management. MysteinCollection.com is the largest free online database of collectible and antique beer steins. During this time, military service was compulsory in Germany. 17) or Germany (Fig. Faience Steins. Examine the stein closely. There are always mistakes in uniforms, headgear, units insignias, dates and location of service and other details. Rosters of names from your unit, or regiment, could be added to the steins and these became known to collectors as "regimental steins.". Vintage beer steins have a metal lid that features ornate details that are similar to the painting on the mug. 16 An example of typical mistakes found in new decorations: 1–The Graf Zeppelin was a civilian passenger airship built in 1928, 10 years after the end of WW I. Many new lids are stamped and quite thin. The number of names also varies on new rosters so the number of names is not a reliable test of authenticity. This sense of togetherness fostered the custom of buying souvenirs with the unit name, insignias and decorations as a keepsake of military service. Westerwald Steinzeug: 1600-1914. The Gerz Beer Stein Company History The progression of the GERZ mark can be organized in four periods: the first phase from 1857 to the First World War was a period of growth. 2 One of the most common lithophanes found in new regimental steins made ca. Old Vintage German Musical Ceramic Beer Stein Pewter Lidded Top - Working VGC. The stein owner's name is hand painted on original steins but applied with a transfer on the reproductions. The majority of authentic German regimental beer steins were produced between about 1890 and 1914. 1960-1980. Many souvenir items were available such as pipes, clocks, flasks and especially steins. All original beer steins will be stamped in this manner. This page is undergoing massive revision. Analytical cookies collect data anonymously, about how visitors use our site and how it performs. 8) is generally darker than the protected inside surface (Fig. Fig. Although this new example does include rank, the use of first names proves it's new. The most often seen base mark is an anchor, with an “E” on the left side of its shank and a “B” on the right (Fig. Original metal lids are generally cast and fairly heavy. 3 The great majority of new regimental steins have "bumps" on the inside of the handle. Fig. Authentic steins will have the German spelling. The best way, of course, is when they press the information into the beer stein when the clay is still wet. 11) and appear to lean along the back edges (Fig. Kreussen Stoneware. About 80 to 90 percent of new regimental steins have the bump. West and East German Pottery Marks and Identification. Oct 10, 2015 - Identifying Marks of Old German Beer Steins | eHow Most often, when given a violin, the giver will tell you about the violin's origin, age, and condition. These hand-painted mugs originated in Germany and have since been replicated by manufacturers because of their overall appeal. Figs. Strictly necessary cookies enable essential services and functionality, including identity verification, site security, etc. This causes the transfer to dip in the front of the stein (Fig. Examine the lid. Identifying German Pewter Marks Samyysandra. After the German “Merchandise Marks Act of 1887,” German products that were to be exported, including beer steins, had to be marked either “Germany,” or “Made in Germany.” Those destined for the domestic German market, however, were not required to be marked, and many were not. Addendum: Sadly, in October of 2009, Thewalt ceased production. It is the flag of Yugoslavia, not Germany. New lids are made in relatively few designs. The Graf Zeppelin was a civilian passenger ship constructed in 1928. An authentic German beer stein will always have a Made in Germany label, so beware of any steins that don’t have any mark at all. Identifying And Collecting Pewter The Society. German / Bohemian Death Memorial Beer Steins – Early to mid 1800’s. Why is it flying over a German zeppelin shed? Identifying old German beer steins requires a keen eye. Although the odds are low, you might find a mysterious violin (say, in your grandmother's attic) that looks old enough to be antique. Lids are one of the most important features when determining a beer stein’s value. All collector-grade beer steins, such as the Oktoberfest Dancing Beermaid Beer Stein and Sigfried’s Return Limitat 2010 Beer Stein, are made using traditional techniques of sculpting, hand glazing and hand painting. Free Shipping On Orders Over $99. Late Renaissance Blown and Enameled Glass Stein … If the roster from an infantry stein is repeated on a artillery stein, both steins are obviously suspicious. The calibration mark. 12 is repeated in Fig. Vintage Original German Musical Beer Stein. 5 Most new regimental steins have 19th and early 20 century dates. Well-known manufacturer pieces can be more valuable. Decorations on authentic regimental steins always depict one and only one service branch. Sorry for the shortcomings in the meantime, but I think you'll find it worthwhile. Some replica pieces use a cheap metal substitute that will not carry the weight and appearance of a genuine stein. These hand-painted mugs originated in Germany and have since been replicated by manufacturers because of their overall appeal. Tips and Tricks for Identifying and Dating East and West German … Although not a guarantee of authenticity, a lid that is darker on the outside than it is on the inside is usually a positive sign of age. To identify a German beer stein, look at the bottom of the stein and compare the markings on it with the marks of past and present German stein makers. 5) prominently featured around the top rim or front of the body. The solider is dressed in an infantry uniform but stands next to an anchor–a naval symbol–and airplanes circle in the background. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Schnickelfritz: Collecting Mettlach Beer Steins, Stein Collectors International: Mettlach Beer Steins: An Introduction. Any piece marked West Germany, of course, proves the piece was made after WW II. Westerwald Beer Stein Handle Gallery 1860 – 1935. Roemers (2), Distinctive Old German Wine Glasses on Art Work. Most men would take basic training between 17 and 20 and then enter the reserves until age 40. Original rosters can have as few as 3 to 4 names but rarely over 90 to 100 names. Stein makers often mark their work with easily identifiable maker's marks. Perhaps no other collectible is so shrouded in myth, misinformation and mistaken identity as German regimental steins. Typical original regimental lithophanes feature a man and his wife or sweetheart, one or two women reading a letter, or drinking and tavern scenes. One of the first tests you can conduct is to look inside the stein while holding the base up to a light. They can be found in many styles and materials, including copper, pewter, silver, pottery, ivory, porcelain, glass and wood. Any decoration that combines two or more branches is virtually certain to be a reproduction. Figs. Regardless of what the stein was made of, almost all had pewter lids. Imposters will have a bump on the handle; whereas, authentic vintage beer steins often do not, a factor in 80 percent of commercially manufactured steins. Bohne Stein Characteristics. Die vollständigste Sammlung von Marken auf Bierkrügen, zusammengestellt von Chris Wheeler. Gray and Blue. 12-13 The same rosters are often repeated among new steins regardless of the branch of service depicted. Decorations on most authentic regimental steins include at least some hand painting. 19 Decorations on virtually all new regimental steins, like this example, are applied entirely as decals (transfers). 1) almost always lack detail, are poorly designed and almost always look awkward. The spelling of German cities on many new steins has been converted to English. We use this to improve our products, services and user experience. Vintage beer steins were never painted with lewd paintings that are often see on replicas. Any beer stein that is blank or stamped as manufactured in any other country is fake. How could it appear on a stein purportedly made before 1914? Goebel Friar Tuck Small Stein West Germany. The most comprehensive collection of Stein Marks available, compiled by Chris Wheeler. Perfect Condition. All these steins have a lithophane bottom. Some replica pieces use a cheap metal substitute that will not carry the weight and appearance of a genuine stein. Early Ceramic Steins (Pre-1850) 17th and 18th Century Stoneware and Faience Steins. For example: Munich is the English spelling of München; Cologne is the English version of Koln. Hold the mug up to the light and look inside. Feel the handle. Reproduction porcelain steins can be unmarked, marked with the single word Germany or marked West Germany. The bottom may also have the name of an artist or a manufacturing company such as Mettlach. Applying the wrong transfer to the tapered shape throws the transfer out of alignment. 1960-1980s are marked West Germany (Fig. Beer Steins, Beersteins, Stein Collectors, Stein Information, Stein Makers, Stein Identification, Stein backstamps, German Beer Steins, The outside of the lid should appear darker from years of oxidation, while the inside is a medium-tone metal color. Patents and makers' marks … Such bumps are never found on authentic regimental steins. Fig. Antique beer steins, mugs and tankards are prized for their craftsmanship and colorful ornamentation and scenes. Many new lids, especially those intentionally misrepresented, are chemically treated to create a dark patina. Yet few buyers other than stein specialists know how to identify the fakes. Within a group of new steins, the same owner's name often appears on steins from different branches of service. Collectors should look for a number of elements on a beer stein to ensure it is genuine and not a mass-produced replica.

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