st john baptist de la salle biography

Identifyy Content ID Administration. As the Brothers in Paris opened the door to him, he said . De La Salle became ill for many months, rallying occasionally to take up his work but finally sinking into terminal decline. Since it was Holy Week, the more solemn funeral rituals were delayed until the following week. De La Salle, habitually cautious and prudent, had paid a high price for his zeal. He died at St. Yon, Rouen, on April 7th. born in Rheims, France, on April 30, 1651, to Nicole Moet and Louie de la Salle, a city of magistrate. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Surviving documents show that his duties as guardian of his siblings and administrator of his family estate and properties were handled with meticulous care and administrative acumen. He gave away his entire fortune and kept just enough not to become a burden on the Brothers when it came to his priestly responsibilities. Hence, by the time he had finished his task and had become a good friend of the sisters, he was also well-poised to be a good advisor for any new ventures of a similar kind. The collection of 208 meditations by St. John Baptist de La Salle, each in three parts, that cover a wide range of topics, saints, feast days, and matters directly related to the education of youth. St. John Baptist de la Salle is the patron saint of teachers, and there are more than 1,000 schools in 84 countries that exist because of his work and faith. In 1694, the first assembly to be known as a General Chapter was held. Biography. He had a strong tendency to meddle in the internal affairs of the Institute. Question 1 Part 1 Saint John Baptist De LaSalle was the patron saint of teachers because he gave away his life of being a priest to become a person who created And so that enterprise came to an end and he ended up with the Brothers’ community in Grenoble. It seems that the independence of the Brothers that he had hoped for had different results than he had expected. Early depiction of the Sorbonne, near the church of Saint Sulpice. His journey had been down paths he could not have imagined forty years earlier. De La Salle must have really wondered what was going to happen to this relatively small group of followers, especially when compared to other Founders such as Saint Francis who had gathered 10,000 disciples in just 12 years. He was the first son of wealthy parents living in France over 300 years ago. He was the first son of wealthy parents living in France over 300 years ago. Others continued to oppose the work or tried to control it according to their own vision. St. John Baptist de la Salle CHAPTER I A KING AND A SAINT "My brethren, God alone is great" THOSE WERE the opening words of one of the greatest funeral sermons ever preached. He died at St. Yon, Rouen, on April 7th. We, the Parish Community of Saint John Baptist de la Salle recognize that we are chosen by Christ and have as our mission to bring forth the fruits of the True Vine in response to the needs of our Parish Community through the recognition of active Parish Organizations and the cultivation of persons and groups not yet sharing in the mystery of the True Vine, Jesus Christ. In response to this crisis, De La Salle purchased property outside of Paris, at a place called Vaugirard, and brought all the Brothers there for an extended retreat wherein he rekindled their fervor. Out of charity and necessity he began to become more involved with the teachers. This would be a non-clerical religious group of men, dedicated entirely and wholly to education and the schools. He was known for his work with the poor. by Luke Salm, FSC. He especially sought out the hardened cases among those brought in for help, and was inevitably successful in changing their ways. Upon hearing Nyel’s intentions and observing his lack of familiarity with the situation in Reims, De La Salle invited Nyel to stay at his home so that they could consult with others in the town on how to start the proposed school for poor boys. Philanthropic groups existed in the ancient civilizations of the Middle East, Greece, and Rome: an endowment supported Plato’s Academy (c. 387 bce) for some 900 years; the Islamic waqf (religious endowment) dates to…. He fully intended to work among the wealthy people of his area throughout his career. He was buried on Holy Saturday in a side chapel of the local parish church, Saint Sever. De La Salle was ordained to the priesthood in 1678, beatified in 1888, and canonized by Pope Leo XIII in 1900. The pastor, M. de La Chétardye, is shown here visiting the school on Rue Princesse. This seminary had been founded only 25 years earlier in a spirit of clerical renewal mandated by the Council of Trent a century earlier. A brief biography of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and Patron of Teachers.SONG: "One Voice" by Billy Gilman As the work in Paris proceeded — first at one school and then at several more — a new challenge appeared. Until the age of 13, the family home is the Hotel de la Cloche, now named the Hotel De La Salle. Connecting to Be My Disciples® Grade 4, chapter 5 Many in his family thought him to be imprudent– if not insane — although others admired his strong faith and evident integrity. He was the first son of wealthy parents living in France over 325 years ago. He was the oldest of 11 children of whom seven survived to adulthood. Their rather rough response was that it was easy for him to talk, being a wealthy man by birth and a canon with a large annual income, whereas they were poor, with no skills and no prospects. In 1688, he and two Brothers traveled to Paris, where in short order they revitalized a school for the poor in the parish of Saint Sulpice. For a compact introduction to De La Salle’s life and times and achievement, and an analysis of the meaning of Lasallian education today, The Work Is Yours John was very involved in education. Family. Anyone who could pay a fee for education was supposed to go to the Little Schools or to the Writing Masters and their for-profit establishments. This was as other Founders had done before him and as some of the Brothers had hoped. Synopsis Born in the late 1st century (circa 5 B.C. De La Salle’s presence and insights did help eventually to resolve most of the difficulties that had been besetting them. Gradually and without really being aware of it, he found himself becoming drawn into a very different world — the world of the poor. John, who came from a noble family, was ordained a priest at twenty-seven, and was assigned to the city of Rheims, a very prestigious position. De La Salle was ordered to reimburse any funds received and had his honor impugned by a judicial condemnation on the very shameful charge of suborning a minor to extort money from him. The small community was by now operating a good number of successful parish-based schools for the poor in and around Reims.

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