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Rigging is a high risk training course, and on successful completion, students are awarded a WorkSafe High Risk Work Licence (RB/RI/RA), as well as a Statement of Attainment. WorkSafe Fees: * $78.50 per class if you have a current WorkSafe WA HRWL * $100.00 per class if you are applying for a new WorkSafe WA HRWL. EWP. C6 Slewing mobile crane course. Using plant, equipment or members of a building or structures, riggers ensure the stability of those members. At CTI, a dogman ticket costs $1250 for the simple dogging course. Students are now able to complete a blended course over a 10 day … You can find out more about the course (or courses) that interest you, by clicking on the relevant navigation box below. For dogging, rigging & scaffolding courses, students are required to bring gloves and safety glasses. About the Course: Our advanced rigging course is for those who require a High Risk Work Licence for advanced rigging (RA class) issued from WorkSafe WA. MultiSkills Training offers our WorkSafe high risk dogman licence course at Melbourne and Geelong and riggers ticket training courses at our fully equipped … CPCCLDG3001A – Licence to perform dogging and CPCCLRG3001A – Licence to perform rigging basic level are operations of two different sets of tasks and techniques classed as high risk work. Licence to Perform Dogging (CPCCLDG3001A) Licence to Perform Rigging - Basic Rigging (CPCCLRG3001A) Licence to Perform Rigging - Intermediate Rigging (CPCCLRG3002A) Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck (TLILIC0003) ... With over 100 years of combined experien in the industries we serve, we are confident our staff … When you attend, you will complete theory and practical training before you complete a … Online rigging training offers a rigging instructor course customized for individuals to meet OSHA's latest standards and regulations. Tuesday 5th January. Options for novice and experienced operators. These include the application of slinging techniques, the selection and inspection of lifting gear and/or the directing of the … Dogging & Rigging. This training course is for those who want to obtain a dogging licence or ‘dogging Ticket’ and maybe proceed to advanced training courses for Rigging. White Card. Riggers are also involved the setting up or … CPCCLDG3001 – Licence to perform dogging; CPCCLRG3001 – Licence to perform rigging basic level; SUMMARY: DOGGING AND RIGGING TRAINING. Dogging Licence in 3 days; Basic Rigging in 3 days; Intermediate Rigging in 3 days; Course codes. it is also possible to complete a combined dogging and rigging course. Height Safety. They provide a broad range of workplace skills training services from obtaining a White Card, training for Working at Heights and Confined Space certification, forklift and traffic … WHY DO I NEED TO COMPLETE A DOGGING AND BASIC RIGGING COMBINED COURSE? Breathing App. Read about the scope of work for different levels of rigging, and what high risk work licence is needed to carry out these duties. We provide turn key solutions, which include rigging, 24 hour secured storage, and trucking to your job site. Applicants will complete one assessment for the unit of competence, and a further assessment for their high risk licence. Forklift. A current High Risk Dogging licence must also be held before starting the Basic Rigging. This Advanced Rigging Course from WH&S More Skills allows to perform rigging work at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels. 4 Day Course (Must have Dogging) Intermediate Rigging $990 Includes WorkSafe Fee 3 Day Course (Must have Dogging & Basic Rigging) Earthmoving run daily on request. Please select a facility and course below to view dates and book online. Courses may not run consecutively. This course covers all the requirements for obtaining a national High Risk Work Licence (Class DG) for crane dogging. I … This option can offer more potential rigging courses and a career in dogging and rigging generally. A qualified dogger must know how to: • use the various types of ropes, slings, chains and accessories • calculate the safe working load (SWL) of any rope, sling, or chain to be used for lifting • assess the … This Rigging Intermediate Course unit specifies the outcomes required to perform rigging work at the intermediate level, which includes all the outcomes for rigging work at the basic level, and also includes rigging of cranes, rigging of conveyors, rigging of dredges and excavators, rigging associated with tilt slabs, rigging … Our trainers combined have many years … Assessment method will be via written and practical demonstration at varied intervals during the course. We are Training Combined, a group of professional trainers with decades of both Industry and RTO experience. High Risk Licences. Tuesday 19th January. Site Skills Training offers a number of Dogging and Rigging courses from our training facility on the Sunshine Coast. Anyone with a dogger licence (DG) or rigger licence (RB, RI, RA) is permitted to perform dogging activities. Enrol. FIFO Course options. CPCCLDG3001 – Licence to perform dogging. Rigging work involves the use of mechanical load shifting equipment to move, place or secure a load. rigging components, such as slings, shackles, eye bolts, and turnbuckles. This course is for students for are looking to acquire the necessary licence (ticket) to work in the mines or construction industry. Workplace and Skills Training, Training Providers Bunbury | Nara Training and Assessing is a registered training organisation (RTO) in Bunbury, WA. Rigging courses are available in both the Mandurah and … Asbestos. Qualified Rigging Training All Employers must have qualified rigging training during hoisting activities for assembly and disassembly work (1926.1404(r)(1)). ... Alternatively, you can further your general rigging education by undertaking a basic rigging course. Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane up to … Bundle Deals. Licence to Perform Dogging (DG) | Licence to Perform Basic Rigging (RB) | Licence to Perform Intermediate Rigging (RI) | Licence to Perform Advanced Rigging (RA) | Licence to Operate a Slewing Mobile Crane up to 60T (C6) | Licence to Operate a Forklift (LF) | Licence to Operate an Elevated … This includes steel cap boots, long pants, long sleeves, (high vis shirt if possible otherwise long sleeves with a high vis vest) and a safety hard hat. Civil Plant. PPE must be worn by students attending the course on all occasions. Dogging & Rigging Combined. A dogging ticket is an essential licence on many jobsites across a variety of industries, from civil and building construction, infrastructure, mining, oil & gas and more. Our team is qualified to provide quality high risk training and assessment for many (HRL) High Risk Licencing requirements, assisting you to satisfy your OHS obligations and legislative requirements. Package Dogging and Basic Rigging - Click "Enrol" to select the start date for your Dogging course. A dogging licence is a requirement for registration at the specific stage of the Performing Rigging Licence. Learn more; Dogger - DG. Dogging, Rigging; Cranes up to C6; Onsite training for Earth moving Statement of attainments can held on request. CPCCCM2010B – Work Safely at Heights; CPCCLDG3001A – Licence to perform dogging; CPCCLRG3001A – Licence to perform rigging basic level; RIIWHS202D – Enter and work in confined spaces; TLILIC2005 – Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more) WELCOME TO TRAINING WHEELS. Course Information. Tue 5 The aim of this Perth-based dogging course is to provide participants with the knowledge and practical skills required to demonstrate competency in the high-risk activities associated with a dogman role. Therefore, for those aiming to complete more than one of these courses (or all of them), it may be more worth considering the Certificate III in Construction, referred to above which includes not only a dogging course but the rigging courses up to and including the advanced rigging course. Both of these sets of activities are … Dogging work is the use of slinging techniques, or helping a plant operator to move a load when its out of the operator's view. You can ship your equipment straight to our facility and let us handle it from there. CPCCLDG3001A - Licence to perform dogging. ... Nationaly recognised training for Licence to perform Dogging, a prerequisite for rigging course and all crane courses. ... oil and gas and civil construction industries. The team at training combined were very accommodating we had issues why our guys availabilities and last minute course bookings but Rob made sure he could get our guys on courses and qualified in a timely manner. Learn more These courses provide access to a range of dogging and rigging training skills, vital for proficient operations in the workforce. Cranes. Search our range of dogging and rigging courses below or contact us to discuss custom training options. Australian Training Management employs Department of Commerce Work Safe registered and approved High Risk Work Licence assessors. About the course The above unit is nationally recognised and can only be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that complies with governing standards of … Dogging Dates. Course Details: Combination of classroom and practical learning, covering: Slinging techniques, Selection and inspection of lifting gear, Directing the crane operator in the … Consolidated Crane & Rigging is a true one stop shop for all your rigging needs. CPCCLDG3001A The Licence for dogging can be credited to the globally accepted certification Certificate III in Dogging CPC30511. Successfully completing this course will allow you to direct the load movements for cranes, selecting and inspecting lifting equipment such as chains, synthetic slings, shackles and lifting beams within … Please call office for more information. The Subject Area contains guidance that must be used in order to plan and … Advanced Rigging Course (RA) What is Dogging and Rigging? PACKAGE PRICES AVAILABLE – CALL THE OFFICE ON 9592-2535. View more. Please call our friendly staff if you have … The combined Verification of Competency (VOC) course allows workers to prove that they have a good understanding of the current industry regulations relating to high risk work, as well as the skills to competently and safely carry out dogging, basic rigging, non-slewing crane and forklift work. Dogging Training. This course aims to give participants the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently undertake dogging work in a range of working environments. Dogging Training will be delivered as the first course as it is a prerequisite to Basic Rigging Training. In collaboration with Work Safe, we deliver training, assessment and licencing services to support a state-wide business environment that is productive, innovative, fair … Rigging Training. Rigging is the process used in securing materials to be moved by cranes, hoists and various other lifting equipment. RTO - all types of cranes, dogging and rigging school near Parramatta. When securing a load with slings or chains, there are many factors to be considered including the working load limit of the hoisting equipment, the weight of the load and rigging … Confined Spaces. The "Lifting Safety" Subject Area, found in the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) Standards-Based Management System (SBMS), governs all lifts conducted at BNL. This course is run at our training venue in Rockingham for three full days. - On the next page, choose the start date for RB.

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